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In 2003 Beat The Dow developed a low risk investment model aimed at consistently beating the stock market, as represented by the Dow Jones Industrial index. Yes, we mean consistently beat the Dow Jones Industrial index and consistently beat the Stock Market. This investment strategy was first put into use in 2004. Since 2003 the strategy was never modified. The performance has been impressive: $1 invested in 2004 is now worth around $11 !

Cumulative return Beat The Dow versus Dow Jones Industrial performance

You are invited to check by yourself. First have a look at the Current Year Performance. Then visit our Past Performance page to see how the model performed last year and before versus the Dow Jones Industrial Average and how it actually did beat the stock market.

While past performance is no guarantee for future results, we feel confident the model will continue outperforming and beating the stock market as a whole as well as most investment strategies based on the Dow Jones Industrial Average index or the Dow Jones Industrial index components in the future. And also beat most mutual funds: More than 80% of mutual funds underperform the stock market’s average returns. It may be time to take control of your savings and stop pouring money in losing mutual funds! For a detailed list of risks involved, please read the Risks page.

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Past peformance is no guarantee of future results

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